reStyle testimonials:

Allie and Ben are amazing!! They used all my favorite things in my restyle. One of our least-used rooms in our house is now my favorite place to be. Thanks so much for making our spaces something we love again! -Carla

Allie + Ben are like old friends coming over to hang out and while they're there, they'll revamp your space, too! I never imagined our master bedroom could look so different in less than a day...I was blown away! We recently moved into a new space and having a little sanctuary we can escape to at the end of the day-it's priceless! I love the attention to detail and personable touch these two give to their job. They have a great gift and I'm so thankful they shared it with us. -Crystal

Ben and Allie were amazing! I left them with random things I loved, but had no idea what to do with in our new attic remodel and came home to a space that I never want to leave. I can't wait to have them come again! -Candace

Allie & Ben completed a restyle on our home recently which began with one room. When I walked in that afternoon, I was speechless. My house looked like it could be in a magazine. It was all my stuff. I was hooked. I asked if they could come back the next day and tackle another room and add some fresh color. They shopped for a few key pieces and transformed my family room. They are artists who can perform magic. Seriously, call them if you are at all bored with your stuff. -Allyson

Absolutely stunning work. Having Ben and Allie restyle our home was the best thing ever!!! I honestly felt like I stepped into an HGTV episode when they made the big reveal of our house. Thank you Ben and Allie, you two are incredibly talented at what you do!!! -Kayla

We are loving our restyle!! Our family and friends love it as well. We are still excited to look around our home at the unique items my husband and I had, which are now put together with such purpose! It is neat to see our “treasures” being used to bring joy and excitement in our home. -Tammy

I would like to thank Allie Guenther and Ben for the fantastic restyle of my home. The dedication, attention to detail and awesome custumer service deserve recognition. I love walking into my living room and dining room. The wonderful colors make me very happy. I still can't believe this is the same home!! Thank you soooo much !!! -Lorena

"Ben + Allie are the best!  I had the pleasure of working with them when they made some custom pieces for my house and also for my fitness studio.  The island they designed is inventive, functional, and absolutely beautiful- truly a work of art.  The same is true for some log side tables they made.  In addition, they decorated the space and I couldn't be happier.  I look forward to working with them, again and again!  Thanks, ya'll!"   - Holly R.

Our one day redesign is complete perfection. Allie & Ben have an eye to see things in a new and fresh way and are incredibly talented! Things that seemed like junk to us before, are now beautiful art. We are amazed! -Holly
"We LOVE everything!  Thank you so much!"  - Matt


Commercial Projects:

Barrow Brewing Company:
"GDG did a phenomenal job in helping us finish out the taproom at Barrow Brewing Company.  They build the enormous chalkboards that are the centerpiece behind the bar as well as came up with the funky paint job on an old refrigerator  that would have been an eyesore.  Ben's attention to detail is evident in the clean lines and polished finish in everything he does, but especially the epoxy job he did for us on the long leaf pine bar top.  Allie saved our opening day by sourcing stools for us at the last minute.  The original supplier flaked out.  She found similar bar stools at about half the price!  Large to small jobs- GDG knocks it out of the park." -KD +  Graydon
Emporium Spice:
"Guenther Design Group was so helpful in designing and making our new location feel like home.  This adorable couple- Allie and Ben are true artists.  They put their souls into every project.  Very creative, inspiring, positive, and conscientious on every level of their work.  Allie is wonderful person to talk to and she explains how the process goes on each and every project.  Ben is a skilled craftsman with a keen eye for detail and design.  The two of them have the amazing ability to creative anything."   - Lisa + Johnny