restful + peaceful bedroom

Our repeat client, Lorena, had one request.  She wanted a space that was relaxing and soothing.  She mentioned she had trouble getting to sleep at night... and honestly, we know why she was restless... her bedroom furniture was unbalanced and the entire space lacked harmony and good flow.   We began the styling by re-positioning the furniture to create a better balance.  We then hooked it to Temple to shop at the new Tuesday Morning in the market place square.  We were seeking a rug... It's generally our start.  When shopping for accessories, a rug is usually one of the largest investment piece.  So, finding a really good one was important.  Honestly, same day shopping and styling means we are at the mercy of what the stores have in stock.  We prefer shopping at stores that have more one off items... it forces us to be more creative, and in turn, the spaces that we design/reStyle look fresh and more one of a kind.  Lorena had a budget that allowed us to go shopping for a few key pieces to help introduce a soothing color palette and to add layers of pattern.   The space before was pretty bland.


The challenge in the space was that the furniture had a tinge of yellow in it and the walls were beige.  We need to lighten it up and add some interest.


We found the lush rug and the color palette was set.  The nice dusty blue velvet curtain panels were an amazing find and solidified our color story.  We incorporated the color where we could:  the pair of ceramic lamps, the large floral canvas prints, and the nice mix of accent pillows. 

The dusty, Parisian blue was a nice contrast with the furniture.  In fact, it was the only way to go.  It complimented and was distinct enough to not clash, but accent it all really nicely.  We love when a color palette comes together.  You should see us in the store with pillows and rugs, and running back and forth.  It was magical how this space came to life with a color and new accessories!

 We took a bland space and added romantic touches to give the entire space a soothing and relaxing vibe.  Our client LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the space. She couldn't believe that we were able to go shopping and completely transform her space in only six hours, right on budget. 

WOW!  3 bedroom reStyles in one week!  I'm seeing a trend for December.  We truly believe your bedroom should be a sanctuary and a safe haven, and good design is the best way to achieve that.

XO- Allie