outdoor man's dream PAD

This was a full circle moment.  Harl is one of Ben's best friends.  In fact, he was a groomsman in our wedding... and , exactly a year ago we assisted him with the selection and installation of drawer pulls for all his custom cabinetry.  We spoke to him briefly about our reStyle services, but he wasn't quite ready.  This Christmas he was.  He had a budget set aside that allowed us to purchase a new rug, lighting, indoor plants, and accessories.  He had interesting artifacts, but they were stranded through out his home and some were even found out in the yard...  We had a plan to bring this space together while staying true to who Harl is:  a genuine man's man with a love of travel, hunting, fishing, and his adorable pup, Penny.  A few years ago, Harl  experienced a fire and lost everything... He re.built and has slowly replaced lost items...  all was lost, except a lures found in a melted tackle box.  We unearthed those lures and created a really interesting art installation above the television.  

Harl loved his new space and couldn't believe that we were able to accomplish this styling in a few hours.  It's masculine, organized, and has a lot of warmth.  We took his misplaced items and gave them purpose.  We loved this reStyle for Harl.  What do you think?