Happy Thursday Friends!!! We are so excited to share this project today!! When we initially met with our clients this space was completely bare. We helped them source the mirrored console at half off last week... while we sourced for their daughters space. They had us back to finish this space off and boy did we deliver! We found this gorgeous rug and it served as our jumping off point. It's lush and beautiful and one of a kind. Ben not only created the abstract painting... he built the handsome frame. It really ties their beautiful flooring in and gives it a polished look. A Ralph Lauren lamp and fun accessories help bring in some personality... On the opposite wall, we went big. We sourced these beautiful desert flora photos and framed them in simple black frames. Sunday night, Allie had the bright idea to make a custom bench.... And, with the help of Amazon Prime, next day shipping, and of course the amazing, BEN... we had us a beautiful custom made upholstered bench that fit perfectly in the space and helped ground that area and solidify our color story. Little unexpected touches like themed vintage books and cacti + plants add warmth and give the space a natural dose of soul. This space has such a defined style and it's a little bit boho and a little bit refined. BOHO REFINED! There we said it! Hope you enjoy this space as much as we did getting to design and install it. For booking inquiries please email us at hello@guentherdesigngroup.com or call 254.780.6927 XO- A + B