S + I reStyle

We LOVED everything about this re.style. We absolutely adored that at every turn there was a plethora of family history, natural artifacts, and vintage charm. Can we talk about this antique rug? It sent Allie into swoon over drive.... It was a beautiful jumping off point for this sitting area.

We liked this furniture layout, but when we spotted the green shabby dresser.... well, we couldn't resist creating a home for it in this sitting room. During the short duration of this styling, we sent our client out to source a few accessories, accent pillows and new curtains. We then had just enough time to fold these new items into the mix.

We re.worked the entry and this sitting area by layering, introduced a FUN and youthful color palette, and created a brand new style for this space. We will call it BOHEMIAN RANCH. WE added new drapes, new accent pillows, and a new color story. European mounts and a unique map collection help give this feature wall a big dose of style and whimsy.

The home owners were shocked + completely over the moon with their new space. What do you think? Check out the gallery below!

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