Woodstock OH BABY

As I sit here, 41 plus weeks pregnant, on my yoga ball, while drinking my delicious, loose leafed, raspberry pregnancy tea, watching My So-Called Life on Hulu, and attempting to write our first blog post, all while waiting for our sweet little dude, Indie, to make his debut…. I can’t help but recollect our journey in its entirety.  From selling our home in New Braunfels, living the gypsy life in a little travel trailer, scoring this little studio abode in Salado, growing our company , and to be expecting our first baby…  We feel so incredible blessed.  It’s easy to sob a little bit.  But, happy tears.  The happiest of tears, EVER!

In its former life, our studio abode was a flooring/tile showroom for nearly 20 years.  Laminate and random tile samples and dated wallpaper were everywhere.  And, I mean everywhere.  The space was dark and in need of desperate updating and style.   What we saw was something bright, quirky, and fun.  And, over the last two years we have fallen more and more in love with this little space.  It’s not finished, but we are closer than ever to having our little studio abode complete.   Our most finished space is our Indie’s nursery… so, here are the deets, the before and afters, and where we got our inspiration for the design.

We knew we did not want an overly baby room.  Meaning, we did not want the stereotypical baby nursery.  You know… baby boy blue, gingham, Noah’s ark, footballs, and/or antlers… We wanted something different, one of a kind.  We wanted modern, bright, and airy with sweet whimsical touches.    Most importantly, we wanted a design that would easily transition once he develops his own identity, interests, and hobbies.  Hopefully, music will be one of them… because, we found our inspiration in a vintage guitar collection and a 1994 Woodstock flag. 



The 1994 Woodstock flag belongs to Ben.  He’s had it for years and is definitely showing its age.  He scored it from a San Antonio flea market….Did I mention that he has the best eye!!!  No joke. In fact, he had it hanging in his apartment when we first started dating. It always caught my eye, just like it did for him!  For years, we’ve had every intention on building a custom frame for it, but life happens and we haven’t gotten around to it, yet!  We were thinking a clean and modern poplar frame and mounting it behind glass to preserve it and keep it safe, for years to come.  But, for now, a few tacs are keeping it in place! 

I have to gush about the rocking chair.  It’s got a great modern shape and the quality is wonderful, and most importantly, it is very comfortable!  The ottoman brings in a little boho flair and is a nice juxtaposition with the modern rocker.  The diptych paintings are by my dad, CR HEBERT.  They are modern, colorful, and super meaningful because he painted them.  We knew we had to have some of his original art and these paintings have always been our favorites.  The red guitars complete the theme and we love how they add special meaning.    The little baby Taylor guitar was given to us by my dad and is the only working guitar in the nursery.  


We were very fortunate to have a friend source the music instruments for us.  Like clockwork, Ed would come by for his weekly visit with Ben and bring us an instrument or two or three.  Before long, we had quite the collection.  He was always trying to get Ben to paint the guitars, but we had this dream of hanging them all together for a huge commercial installation.  But, it never happened…Thank goodness!  However, we scaled back the concept to fit this space and it inspired the entire design.  And, we are super happy with the story, texture, and flair they add to his little space.  None of them are in working condition, but each is unique in color and aesthetic.  We kept the walls bright and neutral so the art work and accessories would be the focus.  Check out the video below to see how Ben hung the instruments!

Timelapse video of Ben hanging the instruments



This space gives Ben and me all the feels.  There is nothing like nesting and putting your first baby’s space together.  Never a big laundry fan, but washing his little clothes and organizing his little closet and dresser.  Well, it’s all so wonderful.  All of the dreaming and hoping… it’s a special place and one of our favorites that we’ve designed together.  The mix of new furniture with original art and a few vintage accessories help make this space unique and one of a kind.  Our hope is our Indie will find it just as enchanting as we do!   






see more photos, and get the look!


  • Paint by BEHR in Ultra White 
  • Crib, rocking chair, Marrakesh pouf, balloon animal piggy bank, dresser, curtain panels, and ceiling fan from Wayfair + ALL MODERN 
  • Curtain rod from AMAZON 
  • Floor lamp from Target 
  • Custom baby mobile by artist extraordinaire Renee Tubbs of Dreamcatchers by Renee 
  • Floating shelves from IKEA 
  • Guitars, violins, and ukuleles are a vintage collection 
  • Rug from Rugs USA 
  • Baby acoustic guitar from Taylor Guitars 
  • Woodstock flag is from our private vintage collection 
  • T REX planter from Marshalls 
  • Lion rocker, Lion stuffed animals from The Land of Nod 
  • Willy Wonka typography from Etsy, frame from IKEA 
  • Tribal changing pad cover from Etsy 
  • Turquoise braided crib bumper pad from Etsy 
  • “Indian Chief” original acrylic painting by Jill Shipman 
  • “Andice” original acrylic painting by Crystal Orlando 
  • “Y2K I” + “Y2K II” original acrylic paintings by C.R. HEBERT 
  • “Blue” equine giclée print by Beau Whitaker Ar 

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